Did you know that 79% of initial marketing leads never convert into sales?

Yet 93% of online purchasers use search engines to begin their buying process.

So, how does your business convert those that show interest through your website or social media platforms but do not convert into sales?

By REMARKETING your business through the help of HYBRID REVENUES!

The secret behind the success of remarketing is that it uses the information generated by all of your other marketing efforts to produce a better overall return on your marketing investment!

Remarketing helps you to keep your brand, products or services in the mind and view of visitors after they have left your website. This keeps your company consistently in front of people who have already shown a warm interest and increases your chances of converting them to customers. By specific targeting of these people you will be far more effective in creating new clients and staying relevant to your present ones.

This will support you investment that includes the time and money spent on your website, yet people may visit once and never return. Remarketing will give you another chance to capture their attention and attract them to your business. This is important when you consider that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.