6 Social Media Management Tools You Can’t Live Without

6 Social Media Management Tools You Can’t Live Without
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As an e-commerce business, you need content that converts quickly and on a daily basis.

It is important to consider, however, that over 500 million tweets are sent out each day. Social media feeds are increasingly getting crowded and cluttered.

To be seen on social, you have to cut through the noise. For your audience to see you on their feeds, you have to post frequently and post content that catches their attention.

Doing this consistently isn’t easy. Great content takes time to create, and keeping up with the volumes on social can leave you with no time to do anything else. Even if your social strategy is successful and you are driving traffic back to your website, the effort is of barely any use unless you capture that traffic and direct it into a lead nurturing process.


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6 social media management tools to save you time

For efficient social media management that leads to real and tangible results, you need the right set of tools. You need a mix of social media tools that can increase your visibility, protect your brand and optimize your effort-to-result ratio.

This list includes a bunch of easy to use tools with the right features that can help you do those things.




If you’re an e-commerce company, you’re most probably present on multiple social media platforms to reach out to as wide a section of your target audience as possible.

This can leave you shuffling between social media platforms, sourcing content for each of them and trying to ensure consistency across your social media presence. IFTTT is a unique app that can help you solve those problems while also saving you a lot of time.

IFTTT is a cross-platform content tool with hundreds of “recipes” that can connect other major tools. It basically functions on the “if this, then that” rule. That means that you can create fun recipes based on conditions that you set, like –  if I post with #XYZ, post the same content to Facebook without the hashtag. Yes, that is an actual recipe.

Following the IFTTT rule, you can connect major networks like Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Calendar, Dropbox, SoundCloud, Instagram, and Evernote. You can instruct the platform to send a tweet out every time you post something on your blog or to send you an email every time your favorite website posts an article.

The app functions off the internet as well. For instance, you can track a bunch of tweets with the same hashtag and transfer them to an excel sheet for easy analysis. The automation potential that this app holds is incredible. There are so many recipes that you can create with this app that it is not even funny.


By creating cross-platform posting recipes, you can make proper use of the content that you create.



2. TailWind


Studies suggest that Pinterest users spend 126% more per average order than Facebook users. If you’re an e-commerce business and you don’t have a Pinterest page, you may want to consider creating one.

TailWind is a Pinterest management app that can simplify your marketing efforts on the platform. TailWind tells you when it is best to post on Pinterest, based on your audience engagement and page traffic. It also provides you with pin analytics – number of re-pins, likes, comments, traffic and even revenue generated by your pins over time.

You can use Pinterest to drive sales by creating a bunch of Pinterest boards showcasing high-quality images of your products.

TailWind helps you do that with ease and without having to log in and log out multiple times. You don’t even have to upload images separately. If you’re using TailWind you can build boards offline and bulk-upload your content to the platform when you are ready.

The app also allows scheduling, so you can time a post to go live at the same time as an event – like a sale or contest. The app handles every requirement that an e-commerce business can have while Pinterest marketing.




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3. DrumUp


According to experts, you need to post high-quality content five to ten times a week on Facebook and three to five times each day on Twitter. Creating that much high-quality content consistently is nearly a Herculean task, unless you have someone to do only that for you. Instead, you could curate content relevant to your business and make the most of your original posts by setting them on smart repeat schedules.

DrumUp can help you do both. The content curation software has an intelligent Natural Language Processing algorithm that finds fresh content that perfectly fits the themes you choose. You can schedule the recommendations that the software makes for you and store your original content in its content library.

DrumUp lets you add emojis and GIFs to custom posts that you create on the software to increase your post engagement. Every now and then you can set your evergreen and promotional content (stored in DrumUp’s library) on repeat schedules to optimize your content efficiency.

The software also lets you create social media account groups and post to multiple of them at once. Additionally, it lets you shorten URLs and track engagement and click-through data.

If you need a post boosted, the software can recommend your content to the right influencers who are likely to share it, or you can use its employee advocacy platform to have your employees amplify it for you. In short, the software is perfect to optimize content efficiency and effectiveness.



4. Brand24


If you are an online retailer, you may have noticed that your consumers are very vocal on social media. They expect quick responses to their comments. In fact, 42% of consumers who have left complaints on a brand’s social media page, expect a response within the hour.

Leaving comments unanswered can result in losing that customer and lowering your brand image in other fans’ eyes. However, it is tough to monitor every mention and respond in a timely manner, but the right social media monitoring tool can make it easy.

Brand24 has two useful features that help with proactive social media monitoring – real-time alerts and sentiment analysis. The tool can track the keywords that you set and alert you of mentions in real-time.

The tool also has a sentiment scanner that judges if the mention is positive or negative and adds that information to mention reports. Positive mentions are great for PR and negative mentions are an opportunity to build invaluable relationships by patiently replying to resolve your customer’s issues.

With Brand24’s real-time alerts you can catch them all, prioritize them and respond to them without any delay.  You can also use the tool to monitor competitors, influencers, and other important social media profiles. All you have to do is set-up projects with the Twitter handles or brand names of your competitors or whoever you want to monitor.

You can use the tool to benchmark your brand against your competition. All in all, Brand24 can monitor the social media landscape for you making sure that you don’t miss out on important comments, mentions, and insights.



5. PicMonkey


Visuals increase your posts’ visibility and improve content recall. So each of your social media posts should ideally have an image. Creating images can be tough, but this graphic creation tool can make it super easy.

PicMonkey stocks templates and backgrounds that you can quickly convert into great images for social media. I’ve found that the stock images on this tool are particularly appealing and can make your quickly created posts look professional.

The tool is also great for making collages – a feature absent on most other graphic creation tools that also stock templates and backgrounds.

As an online retailer, you can create beautiful collages of your products with ease.

The app isn’t only for your social media posts, it can also help you create banners and buttons for your social media accounts. With one or two actions, you can create professional looking visuals for a variety of purposes.


6. Sleeknote


If your social media strategy is working, you are probably sending tons of traffic from your social media pages to your website. Unless you manage and convert that traffic, the entire exercise becomes meaningless.

Sleeknote can help you do that by creating engaging and effective lead capture forms to build powerful email lists. The app has an intuitive and very user-friendly editor in which you can customize your email capture forms.

The app also offers advanced targeting options to help you segment and conquer your inbound traffic. The A/B testing feature helps you ascertain the best version of the lead capture form to use on your website by means of user behavior and leads captured.

Other important features offered by the app are form positioning and trigger time. You can choose where you want your form to appear, so you can optimize it to catch your visitors’ attention without irritating them.

The forms you create on the app are responsive and are optimized for all possible devices. What makes this app ideal for lead capture is its advanced customization (content and scheduling), A/B testing, and analytics features, making it apt for the optimization of your lead generation mechanism.




The tools mentioned on this list will help you organize and streamline your social media marketing efforts, and that in turn will help you make more room to walk that invaluable extra mile.

If you want to be a great marketer, you can’t waste time on basic hang-ups. Explore the tools and make them a part of your daily social effort, and you will be surprised with your results.



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Disha Dinesh

Disha Dinesh
Disha Dinesh is a social media and content marketing enthusiast who writes extensively about small business marketing at Drum Up, a social media and content curation software.