11 Best Ways to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers

11 Best Ways to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers
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So you want to showcase your product on Social Media. Many people may think Facebook is the most popular site to market your product. It’s actually Instagram with a whopping 500 Million Active users per month. There is just not competition against that number.
When you notice the staggering amount of people who is actually using Instagram is no surprise you want to dive in on to the same market your competition surely already dove into. How do I do that? You ask, well, let’s review right now.

1. Personalize Your Profile

There is no doubt an original personality on Instagram will attract followers in no time. The need to make your profile look good, fresh and likeable is a must when you want potential followers to see that you are worth their time.
The most common error on this field is the choice of username. Keep in mind this name is going to be your digital fingerprint on Instagram. it has got to be recognizable and something that will come up in search quite often.
Sometimes the name of your business will already be in use. This happens way more often with actors and such people who are really recognizable names that for some reason people seem to like stealing their names. Nevertheless, if this is your case try mixing your name with the niche of your business or product. This way when people search for a similar product they also be able to come across your brand.

2. Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience, whether it is posting an image that relates to them or responding to their comments, this will let them know that you care, that you are open to listen and may be able to take suggestion about your business or product.

3. Hashtags

We have already talked about hashtags previously, you can find all the information in detail if you go to How you can get more Instagram followers by adding hashtags. To summarize, you need to use meaningful keywords that are able to describe your product or at least a part of it in one word, use the least amount of hashtags for the post to be readable and easy on the eyes and watch as your Instagram followers increase.

4. Quality Content

Always deliver quality content. If a picture is out of focus or it’s not in optimal quality the people will not be engaged. Remember to personalize every picture if you want people to be giving you positive feedback, use filters, frames, etc., as long as it gives out a positive vibe.

5. Create Contests

Making different kind of contests it’s one of the better way to get people to be engaged with your daily content. It can also make your Instagram followers jump between platform and become Facebook followers or Twitter followers. The important thing is to keep them busy by giving them a task to be completed that should be easy to understand and not take too long so it doesn’t seem like a boring activity. Such an activity may be as simple as giving a like to their 2 favorite post and add a comment answering the question, why is this one of my favorite posts?.
Be absolutely sure to offer a good prize for their effort, such as discounted prices on your product, free trials, etc. If you offer some prize that’s not attractive, you will only create a negative image for your business or product this way. To disappoint your Instagram followers is never a good move.

6. Don’t forget emojis exist

Yes, you are a serious business with a serious product, but why wouldn’t you use emojis to do exactly what they are made for, bringing emotion to an otherwise plain text. Sure, plain text works just fine in articles just like this, but in the Instagram world it’s a whole other story. Fusing some life on to your captions is crucial if you want your Instagram followers to retain focus on the post and even like, share or comment on the post.

7. Videos

If you thought videos were out of the question, well, you are dead wrong. Since the arrival of videos to the Instagram platform they have been an outstanding success. Being able to summarize what your business does, what It provides and why should they choose you in a 3 to 60 seconds video is in itself a challenge. Now add to that challenge making it fun, likable and engaging. It may sound impossible at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will only prove to be a great way of attracting even more Instagram followers.

8. Tag a friend strategy

Once you are able to capture the essence of your business into a photo or video decipher the users and keywords to go along with it. This simple tagging feature allows you to tag people or businsses on Instagram in your post (Videos don’t work yet). Once you tagged another fellow Instagramer in a post, the tagged person will receive a notification that someone has tagged them in a post. He can view this notification in your regular Activity (notifications) feed and will hopefully start engaging with you. You can read more on the how and why in this nice blog post by Jenn Hermann.

9. Driving your traffic

Learning to do this will open your market. Adding links. Links can’t be added directly to a post, but there are ways around it. If you post an image or video, you can add a link to the bio. Hopefully they will like the content and click the link on the bio.

10. Return the Favor, In Moderation

To gain the love of your audience, return the favor, follow them too. People want to feel special. Make them feel special. Like one of their photos or videos. Be careful to not just add random people or like random posts. You need to pay attention and reply to their comments in a personalized manner. If you repeat a post it will only seem like a robotic response.

11. Produce, Post, Feedback

This is in essence what you should do. Produce meaningful content which has good quality. Post it to Instagram. Reply to people when they comment or like your content. Feedback will be the strongest of your assets. It doesn’t mean you should lack quality. If your content has great quality, your feedback with your Instagram followers should be even better.
If you apply successfully this 11 Way to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Followers, your audience will grow. Now it’s up to you to make them stay as such. Keep producing content that make your audience happy and it will show. If they are happy, you are happy.